Reviews for Nina's Secret

“I simply could not put this book down: gripping, exciting, dangerous, nail-biting … But perhaps what I loved most is Mackley’s depiction of Paris in all its smells, colours, corners, lights. His writing is like the still life painting of a Dutch Master where every texture is front of your eyes, mixed with the energy of a Van Gogh.”

Zoe Jasko, author of What the Wind Saw, review on her Facebook author page

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Reviews for Spring-Heeled Jack

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I must confess to being absolutely bowled over by this project. Spring-heeled Jack, whoever he was (it’s highly unlikely to have been a whatever), seen in various guises from the early 1800s and maybe even earlier, is a fascinating story, and it’s interesting that he became a figure of melodrama, even becoming a hero or anti-hero. J.S. Mackley is to be congratulated on making the stories available, in complete and affordable editions, and for what can’t have been the easy job of reading and annotating them. As far as I am concerned, a must-have for me, both the softcover and the essential and easily and quickly-searchable ebook.


Reviews for Isla's Inscryption

Do not seek spoilers, do not curiously go and read any discussions – go, buy this, read it. 

Em Holder, 5*

A gripping, tale that is intricately written … the twists and turns of supernatural elements this book will keep you on your toes and definitely make you look over your shoulder at an odd noise!

Meghan, Goodreads, 5*

Definitely a book that will keep you turning pages wondering what’s going to happen next.  Isla’s Inscryption will have you questioning what’s real and what’s not while taking you through unimaginable nightmares.

Brenda,, 5*

Had me on the edge of my seat into the late hours of the morning. 

Elle Harvey, Goodreads, 5*

Mackley’s writing style is both beautiful and captivating!

W Clarke,, 5*

It had me guessing and still trying to figure out all the secrets, mysteries and family secrets of the Edmunds. There were times that I could not put this book down as I wanted to see how it was going to play out... What an awesome read.
Rochelle Goodreads 5*


Just read Isla's inscryption in about 6 hours. Got me out of my reading slump.

Jenny Facebook

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Reviews for The Gawain Legacy

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I enjoyed [The Gawain Legacy] enormously. From start to finish the writer engages you with more twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction. The plot unfolds rapidly from its mysterious beginnings to become one of the best supernatural detective thrillers you will ever read.
Abe Blade -


Imagine if Dan Brown actually knew his stuff, and could write, and you have The Gawain Legacy.

Zoe Lehmann -


A medieval mystery par excellence … Thoroughly researched and full of fascinating ploys.

Saznut -