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I am an academic and an author. As an academic I am particularly interested in folklore and mythology, medieval, gothic and fantasy literature. I taught English Literature, Creative Writing and Journalism at the University of Northampton and British Fantasy Literature at Richmond University, the American International University in London. I have published seven novels through both traditional and independent publishers, including Isla's Inscryption and The Gawain Legacy, along with a new and exciting thriller, Nina's Secret, released last year. 

Over the last year my writing has focused on book chapters on topics including August Derleth's Christianisation of the Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, Medieval representations of fairies, Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the gothic novelist Eleanor Sleath, and the writer of the macabre and pioneer of television, Nigel Kneale. I completed the Spring-Heeled Jack Library, 7 volumes which include the short fiction and serial "Penny Dreadful" novels. I have also been collating a new initiative: Writers Unleashed. I am currently working on a volume discussing Medieval cosmography and a new, as yet untitled, novel..

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Nina's Secret

How Far Will You Go To Protect Your Secret?

Nina, a friend from Jerry's university days, rings up out of the blue. She begs him to meet her in Paris, but fails to appear at the meeting place.

Jerry discovers that Edward, Nina's brother, fears for her safety, and is also looking for her. Joining forces, Jerry comes to realise that the only way to find Nina is to trace what she has been working on: a manuscript with a dark past and darker contents.

However, Nina isn't the only one interested in the ancient codex and Jerry discovers she has gone to great lengths to protect her secret.

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Nina's Secret - Chapter One.mp3Read by Jon Mackley
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Gin City

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Edited by Jon Mackley and Nick Ingram

This is the first volume in the Writers of Tomorrow initiative, a publishing concept which brings together work from both established and up-and-coming writers and artists, providing a new platform for their work. This volume contains some of the very best of poetry and prose coming out of the city of Plymouth – the Gin City It brings together a variety of unique and exciting voices in contemporary poetry and prose that deserve to be heard and demand publication. Evocative, provocative, poignant, political, nostalgic, and sometimes addressing challenging issues close to the authors’ hearts: there is something here for everyone

Isla's Inscryption 

When her mother died, Isla Royle believed she was alone in the world – the only child of an only child. These certainties are turned upside down at the Funeral Home when Isla meets Arthur Edmunds who claims to be her grandfather. Edmunds offers her respite from her grief by inviting her to his manorial home in Suffolk where her ancestry is apparently linked to local legend. Here she is offered a life of affluence and comfort – a life which her mother abandoned. But overwhelmed by grief and new experiences, Isla’s mind begins to play tricks on her putting herself and her new family in terrible danger.

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Isla's Inscription Chapter 1 - Read by Lydia Collins
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Gawain Legacy Jon Mackley Author

The Gawain Legacy


Fleeing a loveless marriage, Lara finds herself in the company of Will who is also running from his past. Will claims to have found the beginning of a trail of clues in a stolen medieval manuscript of Gawain and the Green Knight. Travelling with him to Chester to begin deciphering the clues, Lara realises that Will has attracted the attention of enemies who seem capable of anticipating their every move. Lara's only hope is to find what lies at the end of the trail. But Lara discovers she has made some powerful enemies of her own with a hidden agenda ... 

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