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Nina's Secret

How Far Will You Go To Protect Your Secret?

Nina, a friend from Jerry's university days, rings up out of the blue. She begs him to meet her in Paris, but fails to appear at the meeting place.

Jerry discovers that Edward, Nina's brother, fears for her safety, and is also looking for her. Joining forces, Jerry comes to realise that the only way to find Nina is to trace what she has been working on: a manuscript with a dark past and darker contents.

However, Nina isn't the only one interested in the ancient codex and Jerry discovers she has gone to great lengths to protect her secret.

Nina's Secret - Chapter One.mp3Read by Jon Mackley
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Gawain Legacy Jon Mackley Author

Isla's Inscryption 

When her mother died, Isla Royle believed she was alone in the world – the only child of an only child. These certainties are turned upside down at the Funeral Home when Isla meets Arthur Edmunds who claims to be her grandfather. Edmunds offers her respite from her grief by inviting her to his manorial home in Suffolk where her ancestry is apparently linked to local legend. Here she is offered a life of affluence and comfort – a life which her mother abandoned. But overwhelmed by grief and new experiences, Isla’s mind begins to play tricks on her putting herself and her new family in terrible danger.

Isla's Inscription Chapter 1 - Read by Lydia Collins
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The Gawain Legacy


Fleeing a loveless marriage, Lara finds herself in the company of Will who is also running from his past. Will claims to have found the beginning of a trail of clues in a stolen medieval manuscript of Gawain and the Green Knight. Travelling with him to Chester to begin deciphering the clues, Lara realises that Will has attracted the attention of enemies who seem capable of anticipating their every move. Lara's only hope is to find what lies at the end of the trail. But Lara discovers she has made some powerful enemies of her own with a hidden agenda... 

Reviews for Isla's Inscryption

Do not seek spoilers, do not curiously go and read any discussions – go, buy this, read it. 

Em Holder, 5*

A gripping, tale that is intricately written … the twists and turns of supernatural elements this book will keep you on your toes and definitely make you look over your shoulder at an odd noise!

Meghan, Goodreads, 5*

Definitely a book that will keep you turning pages wondering what’s going to happen next.  Isla’s Inscryption will have you questioning what’s real and what’s not while taking you through unimaginable nightmares.

Brenda,, 5*

Had me on the edge of my seat into the late hours of the morning. 

Elle Harvey, Goodreads, 5*

Mackley’s writing style is both beautiful and captivating!

W Clarke,, 5*

It had me guessing and still trying to figure out all the secrets, mysteries and family secrets of the Edmunds. There were times that I could not put this book down as I wanted to see how it was going to play out... What an awesome read.
Rochelle Goodreads 5*



Reviews for The Gawain Legacy

I enjoyed [The Gawain Legacy] enormously. From start to finish the writer engages you with more twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction. The plot unfolds rapidly from its mysterious beginnings to become one of the best supernatural detective thrillers you will ever read.
Abe Blade -


Imagine if Dan Brown actually knew his stuff, and could write, and you have The Gawain Legacy.

Zoe Lehmann -


A medieval mystery par excellence … Thoroughly researched and full of fascinating ploys.

Saznut -


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