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Richmond/AIFS Spring 2020

British Fantasy Literature

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Welcome to British Fantasy Literature online at AIFS and Richmond University (03/19/20)

Hi Everyone.


In view of everyone suddenly becoming "geographically challenged" in that you're now all on the other side of the world from me, and the University/AIFS programme have asked us to switch to online materials, what I plan is to upload course materials to this website. I'd rather not use this personal site, but Moodle and Blackboard do not allow large files to be uploaded to their sites. I'm recording in low image quality, and I've included the slides that I would have used in the seminars. Some of these may have links to videos or articles that I would have shown.

      I've "bumped" a few of the seminars for the 4.30pm group to align them with the earlier group.

      You'll note I'm uncomfortable using any kind of technology and it's been a learning curve to find out what I can do with the facilities I've got. So, thank you in advance for bearing with me. 

      In the meantime, you can contact me on my email addresses for Richmond and Northampton Universities if you have any queries.

Seminars:                    1.30 class                                                                                        4.30 class

19 March                    Lord of the Rings                                                                       Lord of the Rings 

26 March                    Doctor Who                                                                                Doctor Who

2 April                         The Harry Potter Phenomenon                                              Harry Potter

9 April                        Assignment 2 Due                                                                      V for Vendetta

14-15 April                  Online assignment to replace the "exam"       

16 April                                                                                                                             Assignment 2 Due                   

22-23 April                                                                                                                        Online assignment to replace the "exam"

Lord of the Rings Seminar Material

Lord of the Rings seminar slides

Lord of the Rings seminar

Lord of the Rings (1978) Part 1

Lord of the Rings (1978) Part 2

Assignment 2

Information about assignment 2 and "virtual exam"

Assignment feedback sheet (for info)

Doctor Who Seminar Material

Doctor Who Seminar Presentation

Doctor Who Seminar Slides

Harry Potter Presentations

Harry Potter Discussion slides

Harry Potter Seminar Presentation

Student Presentations: NB, I appreciate that some of you have been in touch to explain there have been some difficulties with sending the files. Thanks to everyone who's been in touch

Anna King

Jordan Myrick

Dani Hazan

Emily Ness

Jessica Szymendera

Lauren Durham

Dylan Doherty 1

Dylan D 2

Grace Pfeil

Kat Quick

Ellie Wooden HP Notes

Caleb Daly

Kat Brown

Ray Tippen

Megan Cockett

Sheridan Cornett

Elyssa Shroder

To Follow

V for Vendetta Seminar Material

V for Vendetta Presentation

V for Vendetta Film Part 1

V for Vendetta Slides

V for Vendetta Film Part 2



This is the final assignment for British Fantasy Literature replacing the exam

Submit through Blackboard, please.

Preferred document for you to submit your answers through

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